Thursday, July 8, 2010

George's Marvelous Medicine

Goerge is a boy who lives with his mother father and granny. One morning, his mother was going out and left George with his granny, but before going she told George to give granny her medicine, then she left. Most grandmothers are kind and helpful old women, but not this one. She always was grouching and complaining. After George's mother had left, granny told George to make her a cup of tea and she added that that would keep him out of mischief because she thought that George grew too fast and that he was always was runing into trouble, but she learned her lesson. George fetched her a cup of tea and then went into the kitchen. Then he began to think, "if I could make a medicine to cure her...". And that is just what he did, he added many things such as toothpaste to clean her teeth. He was boiling the medicine when he heard his grandma say, "George, is it time for my medicine yet?" and George answered that there were twenty minutes to go. When he finally finished grandma took it and it was very effective... and fun.

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