Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lion Of Saint Mark by G. A. Henty

This is a historical novel by G.A Henty. It is based on the war of Chioggia between the Republics of Venice and Genoa for the control of trade in the Mediterranian sea. The war began in 1378 and ended in 1381 in the battle of Chioggia. The war began in the battle of Cape d'Anzio, which was a complete disaster for Genoa. Admiral Pisani, chief of the Venitian fleet, had the option of going to Genoa itself; the Genoese were in panic because of the disaster in the battle and might have made peace. But he didn't, and the war continued. The Genoese won 3 major battles and began a siege on Venice; then the battle of Chioggia began. Until January the 1st, 1381 the Venitians had almost no hope. But the arrival of Carlo Zeno, another Venetian Admiral, changed things. Then, in about late January some Venitian ships sneaked past the Genoese galleys and surrounded them instead. A few months later the Genoese surrenderd; Venice won the war as now most of the Genoese had been either captured or destroyed. Two years later peace was signed. Venice prevailed.

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